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Members Only

The creators of BE Entertained were once their target audience: overworked, well paid and ready to make the most of life every chance they had outside of their busy careers.  A simple dinner or typical night out on the town does not fulfill the desires for our clientele ultimately searching for a unique experience. 

“BE Entertained” has provided a solution with “BE’s” members only group "The Social League"

All members are allotted one plus one guest who will be given an opportunity for membership after attending a Social League event.  Social League’s members are hard working professionals who make the most of their leisure time and enjoy the fruits of their labor by indulging in the finer things with BE’s one of a kind affairs.  From the artistic design of the location to the top of the line service, entertainment and delectable cuisines.  An invite to a BE Entertained events is a true golden ticket.   

We have 100 members to date and look forward to our group growing in the New Year.  If a membership to The Social League intrigues you please fill out the form below as we will be opening membership and accepting new members as of January 1, 2018.   

Membership rate: $65 Annually

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